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United-6 helps you restore your perfect looks with hair gain. We are one of the India’s best hair transplant clinics located in Jalandhar. The clinic is specialised in FUE and PRP therapies for hair restoration. We are one of the most reliable and trusted places for getting a hair transplant in Jalandhar.


At United-6, the doctors are specialised in treating male and female genetic and non-genetic hair loss problems. The experienced surgeons have given effective results in the treatment of our patients. We understand and analyse the pattern of baldness in each patient and treat it accordingly.


Cost of hair restoration surgery is yet another important factor we focus on. Our rewarding surgeries are offered at the lowest possible prices. Though cosmetic surgeries are quite pricey, we make optimum efforts to make them budget-friendly with 100% results for you.

Painless Treatment

FUE is not very painful treatment. We have expert team of doctors to deal with.

Scarless Treatment

This treatment is scar-less, no marks will left behind after completely done.

No Blood Injury

Treatment cause no blood injury, done with complete medical precautions.

Effective Results

We have over 10k+ operations till now and our results are our identity.

Hair Transplant Clinics in Jalandhar

United-6 is known as the best hair transplant clinic in Jalandhar providing high-quality medical hair transplantation. All the transplantation methods are executed by one of the best hair transplant surgeons under state-of-the-art medical environment.

Baldness though a common problem is of different types. There are various types of hair loss problems in different patients. The consultant and surgeon at our clinic take the patients through the intensive consulting sessions. All the reasons for their hair loss and the best ways to restore the hairline are explained to the patients in details.

Many males and females are suffering from the problem of hair loss. The causes of the problem are either genetic or non-genetic. At United-6 all the hair loss problem solutions are available for males and females of any age. If you are suffering from baldness or less hair growth due to age or any other reason, do feel free to get this precise solution. The hair transplant surgeries are completely safer and faster.

Moreover, the hair loss solutions are permanent and do not produce any harmful side-effects to your skin and health. This short surgical procedure has given relief to hundreds of men and women from the acute problem of low hair growth and baldness. United-6 is a clinic providing safe and the best hair transplant in Jalandhar.

Generally, there is no fixed duration for the surgery. The reason is the duration and the number of sessions are based on the patterns and intensities of the problem. Depending upon the intensity of hair loss problem and the therapy used, the duration of the complete treatment ranges from a couple of days to 7-8 days. However, one thing is sure and that is fast recover from the surgery in the case of FUE.

Thanks to the modern medical science, getting hair back is no more a myth. It is now possible to get easy hair transplant surgery in Jalandhar. However, many patients with hair loss might be thinking this modern medical technique as very costly one. With the advancement of newer techniques, cost of hair transplantation is not so high like it was few years back. Mainly the cost of the hair transplantation surgeries depends upon the gravity of the baldness, number of sessions required, area of the recipient zone, and other factors. United-6 is committed to offering the most cost-effective hair transplant surgeries using advanced methods like PRP and FUE. Though basically, the surgeries are costly, our doctors try to make the pricing as low as possible for the patients.

If you are looking for a permanent and harmless solution for your hair loss, transplantation therapies are the best option today. The current medical hair transplant surgeries are proven and safe methods for permanent hair restoration. Getting your hair back is an amazing experience and we are glad to give this most valuable experience to the patients. The most importation thing is to choose the best hair transplant clinic. It is always advisable to get treatment in a reputed clinic like United-6 which is one of the most reputed hair transplant centre in Jalandhar.

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