About United-6 Hair Transplant

United-6 Hair Transplant is a dedicated centre for hair transplant in Jalandhar. It brings best aesthetic surgery solutions at cost effective prices. The cosmetic procedures of United-6 are advanced scientific methods implemented at its state of the art centre for hair transplant.

We aim at providing maximum and healthy hair growth for all our customers. We take care of men and women of any age who are suffering from the problem of hair loss. Each of our treatment procedure is tackled carefully by our experienced professionals. We make use of the approved and safe therapies to give you rejuvenate your hair growth.

United-6 is a team of cosmetic surgeons providing best hair transplant in Jalandhar. The best cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists join hands to give most effective results to our esteemed customers. All our customers are served with accurate precision pre-surgery and post-surgery consultations.

Our most sophisticated facilities add looks to your personality under complete healthy conditions without any side effects. The team of surgeons work in complete harmony to bring a successful outcome that will make you look perfect for rest of your life.


At United-6, we believe in following our key principles of:
 Safety
 Quality
 Care

A team of experts provide one to one consultation to make the person convenient and completely familiar about our therapies. Before hair replacement and hair transplant, we carry out a consultation that makes the person feel confident about our proven cosmetic procedures. Hence, our hair regrowth treatments are considered the best in the cosmetic industry. Our clinic is equipped with all the latest technologies that are performed by experienced doctors only. A caring team of medical and para medical experts take charge of every treatment.

The mission of United-6 is to provide customers with the optimum level of results with care. Our centre follows a quality management system in compliance with all international standards. The highest standard of care and treatment is served by our team.

It is our prime objective to offer quality hair transplantation that also ensures your safety and health. An environment of our centre also safeguards you and your families’ health and confidentiality.


Our vision is to enhance our patient’s beauty through high quality cosmetic services available for hair regrowth. Hence, we try to improve our technologies and endeavour to make our therapies cost effective. All the hair transplantation treatment is carried out ensuring our patient’s privacy, safety, and dignity.

Hair Transplant is one of the best way and modern hair restoration process that results in the permanent and natural growing of hair on your bald scalp. Once treated at our clinic, patients are able to get hair regrowth for all their life. Baldness or hair loss is one of the most common problems
found among middle aged males. Through continuous improvements and use of advanced medical technologies, we are helping people to get rid of hair loss problem.

Get in touch with us to get a consultation and best treatment for hair loss.

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