FUE Method

A few years back, hair loss was considered an incurable problem. With the advancement of medical technologies, hair transplant is possible. Losing hair at an early age can be traumatic. FUE treatment brings hope for all those who are suffering from hair loss.

United-6 is a reputed and reliable clinic providing best hair transplant in Jalandhar. We have a team of expert surgeons who are experienced in performing this method with higher success.

What is FUE

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is also known as FT or follicular transfer. Under FUE method, the individual’s follicular units are removed directly from the hair restoration phase. This procedure involves extraction of the hair follicles normally from the back and sides of the person’s head. These follicles are further implanted in the areas which are affected from baldness or hair thinning.

The process of FUE demands technology and science as well little creativity. Surgeons of our hair transplant centre in Jalandhar possess all required skills to position hair on the scalp for best natural looks. The careful treatment ensures that your skin and hair remains unaffected during and after the procedure.

How It Works

During the FUE method, local anaesthesia is applied to remove individual follicles. The extraction process does not involve any cut or surgery. Extraction is done using special micro surgical needles. The success of FUE largely depends upon the skill of surgeons. Our surgeons at United-6 are experts in extracting hair and inserting the grafts in a way that it matches the original hair.

After extraction, the area observes little swelling and small puncture scars. The scar is very small and almost invisible. The recovery takes less than a week. The FUE treatment does not give any post-surgical pain and inconvenience.


Our FUE hair transplant duration depends upon the number of the grafts needed or upon the extent of the baldness which is to be treated. The procedure may take a single long session. It may also take multiple small sessions. Unlike strip surgery, FUE does not leave any visible scars after treatment.

FUE treatment from United-6 means getting a best hair transplant in Jalandhar. The results of our FUE treatment gives you hair for permanent. Your hair growth will bounce back immediately after treatment.

Benefits of FUE Method at United-6

United-6 is a renowned place for reliable and safe hair transplant surgery in Jalandhar. With our treatment, you have all the below benefits.

  • Treatment from expert hair transplant specialists
  • Leaves no virtually visible scars
  • Minimal pain and swelling after procedure
  • Complete recovery in less than weeks’ time
  • No stiches and cuts are involved
  • Offers natural looking hairline on permanent basis
  • Minimal risk of complications and side-effects

Losing hair during middle age is a very common problem among males. We are providing hair transplant through this method to males as well females. We have already performed successful hair gain treatments. If you are suffering from the problem of hair loss or baldness, contact us to get detailed information on FUE hair transplantation.